New Pattern, Hearts in Hand Twined Knit Baby Cap!

This title could be a play on my love for tea – and Twinings’ Earl Grey in particular!  But no, this is comment on twining – the knitting variety!.  One of my knitting goals this year was to learn how to knit using the Scandinavian technique of two-ended knitting or Tvaadsstickning.  I love this technique.  It creates a light and lofty, very warm item.

The continual twisting of the two strands of yarn creates pockets for air in the back of your work.  It reminds me of a thermal fabric.  This continual twisting also creates a bit of a mess with your working yarns and steps must be taken to keep the yarns tidy.  I stop and untwist my yarns every 40 stitches or so.  I use the spin technique – I let the project dangle and spin as I pull the two yarns apart.  Do not expect to work any project with this technique in a hurry, but the results – I think – are worth the effort.

In-Twined Fingerless Mittens! - quite by accident!

While working on the Cap Pattern I started to play around with Twining, to review the technique before teaching, and ended up creating a pair of Fingerless mittens.  I think that this is my favorite of the two patterns.  It was an accidental creation that turned into a great project – fast and fun.  It could also clear up some of the solid coloured 4-ply I have stashed away!

I finished the patterns and the workshop this last weekend.  So no more Saturday Workshops until the fall.  I have just posted the Summer Workshops on Mad About Ewe Blog.  Those are mid-week workshops.  I have already started to think about and create the Fall Class projects.  But they will not be ready for a while yet!

Thermal Inside!

Are you a Summer knitter?  Many knitters only knit in the Fall and Winter.  In the Spring an Summer they are out in their gardens or at the beach, or golfing or generally being more active.  Me I knit everywhere, but my favorite is in the shade in the back yard.

Happy Knitting