Happy Easter!

I have had a very productive weekend.   I have made PIES – I haven’t make pies in years.  Pies were always my MIL’s specialty but she is unable to make them this year so I am filling in – I hope that they are up to our guest standards this evening!  I made an apple pie and a strawberry rhubarb pie.

We had 10 for dinner yesterday evening, including ourselves.  It will be a great mix of friends and family, only my daughter won’t be able to make it and I will miss her.  Turkey and all the fixings, 3 desserts, and lots of laughter and a little wine to wash it all down.  I hope that your Easter was everything that you wanted it to be.

I don’t know why but 3 days off in a row always seems longer, I get more accomplished than I think that I should be able to and often have more time left over than I believe I should have.  It is one of those “time” conundrums – right up there with each year going by faster than the year before.

Lavenders Grey Dilly! Dilly!

We had 2 great days of wonderful weather and I managed to get out and paint a lace project each day!  It was still too cold to paint in the backyard, which is where I normally paint, so I was out in the front driveway, which was much warmer.  As a result, I had help for the first day, 3 young ladies were very fascinated with what I was doing.  They were all about 7 – 8 years old and very curious.  One was even learning to knit!

A Little Detail

On Friday I painted “Lavenders Grey Dilly! Dilly!”, so named for the colour I managed to create on the edging when my stripes all merged into one colour!  Don’t get me wrong, I like the effect, it was just not what I expected.  On Saturday I painted the first of the “Leaf and Point Trio” – the scarf.  It went as planned, for the most part.  Working with dyes that move and merge to create something different does not always go as planned!  I did learn a great deal.  Most importantly – I will be painting with Alpaca a lot more often.  I like the way that it takes the dye and the way it finishes!

Leaf and Point Scarf

Not everything knitting wise went so well.  The third piece in the Leaf and Point Trio, needs to be ripped back 4 rows, each one 600+ stitches long.  I know better than to knit lace at night!

We started Easter Sunday off with a walk at my favorite park -Neck Point.  No one else was there – it was 7:00am and the birds were singing or honking – lots of Canadian Geese around, stutting there stuff.  We saw a very large sea-lion cruising on by in the water and the first Curly Lilies of the the year.  Curly Lily is probably not the correct name for these flowers but that is what I know them as!  The rest of the day flew on by with cooking and visiting and finally the Bird.

Curly Lily

All in all it has been a great weekend.

Happy Knitting