A sure sign of Spring and Playoff time - Not quite the right tones for the Canucks though!

One would think that these two items do not really go together, maybe not for most people.  But for me – right now – they are perfectly matched up!

The hockey playoffs just started this last week and already that is all most people are talking about.  Here on the west coast the Vancouver Canucks have a real chance to go all the way to the finals (maybe I shouldn’t be saying this on line – it might jinx it or something!).  I am just as much a fan as the next person, well maybe, just a smidge more and I welcome this season – Sports – of any kind – offer a great background for knitting. 

I can say this with some authority because my husband is a sports fan!  I have knit through live ball (hockey, curling etc) and through televised ball (hockey, curling etc) of all types, sizes and styles and they all offer great moments to stretch, jump up and down and just enough activity to allow one to go on knitting – knowing that you are taking great care of your hands, with the small interruptions, and body, with the bigger interruptions.  I am not alone in this opinion – look at all the “Stitch and Pitches” showing up in stadiums everywhere in the last few years!

Over the years I have learned enough to sound knowledgable about football, baseball, hockey and curling – just from listening to the games!  I can cheer and boo at all the right moments and feel that I am bonding with my husband, sharing something that might otherwise bore me silly.  Not a bad thing to bring to a relationship……now if he would only show some interest in knitting – no – wait – perish the thought – I might have to share my stash!!

Happy Knitting – Go, Canucks, Go!

A perfect Camellia! Another sign of Spring.