Cherry Blossom Grove - Entrance to Woodstream Park at the bottom of Bay Street

It is definately Spring – the Japanese Cherry Grove at the base of the hill is in full bloom!  This the be-all end-all sign of Spring for me.  It is possibly the most beautiful thing of the season for me.  I would like to go to Japan one day to experience the Cherry Blossom Festivals, until then I will enjoy the trees here and carry my new bag to experience all I can of Blossom Time.

Spring Blossoms and new Spring Bag in all its Glory!

I’ve even done some Spring cleaning, found a couple of books and magazines that I had been looking for and made my husband happy by remembering to tidy what I had said I would tidy!  The intentions are always good but the follow through sometimes fades!

Easy Dropped Stitch Pattern for a summer lace project.

The new spring project is coming along nicely – I am not usually a fan of cotton, I find hard on my hands to knit.  The Pima Lino is a very fine, soft lace weight and it is looking great!  The colour is vivid purple and will look great with most of my summer clothing.  I am seeing a waterfall style vest with a simple scalloped edge.  I’m trying to stay focused on the project at hand – I want to wear this one, but there are a few other things waiting to be explored.  What are you planning for summer wearing?

Happy Knitting