Skunk Cabbage in all its Glory!

I love this time of year.  Spring is such a wonderful time, everything is full of possiblibites and most people are happy and looking forward to the summer ahead! 

It is a time of cleaning out – OK! for those of you snickering about me and the thought of cleaning things out – for most people it is a time of cleaning out!  And I spring clean too, just not the same as most!  I am working on a new knitting bag.  I dumped out my bag and cleaned out the projects (some of which I started and stalled on last fall) and replaced them with more current projects.  And this year I bought a new knitting bag – and this bag is Fabulous!

Spring Blossoms and new Spring Bag in all its Glory!

Fiona is a new knitter.  She is a very creative person and has her own Etsy business, Pip and Milly Creations.  Because of her new found interest in knitting, Fiona has started to create knitting bags!

A few weeks ago she was in and we were chatting about bags and Fiona asked me about my idea of the perfect knitting bag – and this week she brought it in!  Leather reinforced corners, lots of clear pockets to see what is in them, every seam reinforced with beautiful fabric.  An outside zipped pocket and great big out side pockets, a flap for closure and it stands-up and stays open.

All ready for work Tomorrow!

 I’ve got it loaded with three projects and all the fixings for work!  It is a thing of beauty!  It is covered in Cherry Blossoms and has great bamboo handles – I fell in love and just had to have it!  It said Spring to me!

Today was a great day.  The weather held out and it did not rain until later in the day.  So Amanda and I got our photo shoot in this morning. 

Shetland Diamonds and Madeira Shawl

We were at the Duck Pond in Bowen Park and Amanda modeled some of my new patterns under construction.  You may recognize Amanda from the store or from the Vogue pictures of the Victorian Falls Wrap and Sheath.  We had a great time and got lots accomplished!

Happy Knitting


Amanda wearing the Butterfly Jabot