Leaf Point Stole

I must think that I am tall – I’m not, but I seem to think that I am.  I just finished part 1 of a 3-part pattern.  This is the stole version, with 2 scarves, each a variation on the theme, yet to be created!  Unblocked the stole is 15 inches wide and 75 inches long – blocked it will be about 16 inches wide and 84 inches long – the width is good, but what was I thinking about when I figured the length!?  The pattern will be for a summer workshop that will feature hand-painting with dyes and everything is knit in undyed fibre.

Detail at each end.

I love the look of the stole.  But as I knit it for me, it will be a bit on the long side, maybe it will become a gift for someone.  It will work well as a guideline for the scarves (this is why the first one is for me, it allows for mistakes to be corrected as I go), but sometimes math and swatching do not translate into real life.  In the creative process, intangibles, for example, your, mood, your knitting style changing the gauge over a large project and the yarn, how it responds and lofts over a larger project has an effect as well.  Swatches are full of information, you just have to remember the intangibles and be prepared to adjust!  Things change, and perspective must evolve as well.  Really, I am 6 feet tall and can wear a 7 foot stole!

Embossed Beret - small, medium and large!

The small Embossed Beret is almost finished.  The class starts tomorrow and it will be done in time, only the decreasing rounds are left.  It will give the students a chance to try on all the sizes and decide which one is right for them.  It also allows me to check the pattern and make sure that the decrease rounds for the crown are correct!

Happy Knitting