Chunky Diamond Scarf and Cap

I just finished a new pattern – Chunky Diamond Scarf and Cap.  These two pieces are knit in the traditional Shetland Lace style with untraditional weight and yarn.  This is a classic, but sized up for a more modern look.  Also great for those knitters who look at lace and think that they could never knit that – the heavy and large needles remove some of the “fear” factor!  The chunky yarn and big needles also make this a quick knit – great for gifts!

The Cap is the edging of the scarf – knit with short-rows to create the shaped crown.  Fast and fun knit with the pointed edge adding a certain charm.

Cap is very "Pixie"!


The model for the pattern is a friend – Debbie.  She very kindly said that she would be a model for me.  Debbie had never modelled before and was a little nervous!  We started talking and laughing and by the time we were finished she was relaxed and we were having a lot of fun with the project! 

Prettiest Chocolates Ever!

Apparently Debbie had so much fun she sent me a thank-you gift!  These are the prettiest chocolates I have ever seen.  I havn’t even tried one yet – I just am enjoying looking at them!  Does anyone know anything about this brand of chocolate?  I just tried to find them on line with no success.  ChocolaTas is the name on the lid of the tin.

The pattern is available from infiknit and my ravelry site.

Happy Knitting