Knitting Daily's Helix Scarf

This has been an inspirational week for me – in knitting terms, lots of idea’s from many sources, and even some idea’s to organize and motivate! 

Most importantly I finished and e-mailed the pattern for Victorian Falls Wrap and Sheath.  That was yesterday, the first day of spring, my first completed objective to making way for the new projects bouncing around in my mind!  I would like to try this again.  Not enter a competition, but submit a pattern for publication!  More ideas bouncing than time available!!

Earlier last week, Knitting Daily came up with a free download – the Helix Scarf!  I liked the look – I had an idea, a couple actually, and they all came together.  Mad About Ewe is having its first ever KAL, and the Helix Scarf will be the project!  I had been looking for a project for a store KAL, and this one seems perfect.  Dorothy liked it as well, which pulled the whole thing into reality.

My yarn and beads for the Helix Scarf - Schaefers yarn "Heather"!

The store received some yarn from Be Sweet last week.  The African Bead Ball really caught my fancy and a couple of colours came home for me to play with. 

Frothy Jabot

My first project will be a frothy little scarf  – a jabot really, combining 2 strands of Hommage by OnLine with one strand of the Bead Ball.

The socks are still being knit, but more slowly than planned – too many other ideas interfering.  The “edging” scarf/shawl is moving along . 

Edging almost complete

I’m just about at a decision point – the edge pattern is almost finished, what will I fill the center with, more pattern?  Or simply knit it stockinet and paint in a pattern, something floral perhaps?  I’m still pondering.

Godmother’s Diamond Chain Scarf and Cap pattern is almost done.  I think that it needs a different name, the current one is a little long!  It will be done by the end of the week, one more thing finished for Spring clean-up.

Patches of colour!

The skies are pretty grey around here right now.  Rain has been falling pretty constantly and the ground is sodden.  Yesterday there was a break and the sun came through.  I went out and took some pictures and admired the patches of colour around the yard.  Luckily the deer do not like daffodils – they have pretty much decimated anything else they considered edible!!

Happy Knitting


More colour!