Flowers offer comfort and colour in a drab local.

The last week or so have been somewhat chaotic around my home.  An unexpected surgery for my MIL and now an extended hospital stay.  She is recovering well and we hope that the hospital stay won’t be too extended. 

With all of this unexpected hospital visiting I have been practising what I call “comfort knitting”!  My idea of comfort knitting is usually incorporates a highly repetitive, circular pattern, Ie – socks!!  

Bubble cable socks

Socks are easy to transport, easy to pick-up and  put down between small tasks and allow the mind to wander freely while sitting for an unknown span of time.  As a result my bubble cable sock is now into the heel flap and this first sock will probably be finished this weekend.

I have also been working on a circular scarf pattern.  The scarf will not be circular, but is constructed circularly.  It is going to be all edging. 

Openwork corner for Circular scarf - no name yet! Any suggestions?

This has worked well in the last week – lots of repetive circular knitting!

There are many books on the value of knitting as a calming and healing exercise.  The connections that can be forged from one knitter to another is in itself a healing force.  The Knitting Sutra, The Joy of Knitting and other books describe the writers belief in the healing of and connectivity of knitting as a moving experience.  I think that Elizabeth Zimmerman said it best – “Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis.”

Happy and Healing Knitting