Junior - looking quite comfortable!

This morning we awoke to see some deer in the backyard.  This is not an unusual happening.  There is a mama deer and yearling that have been sleeping in our backyard on a regular basis.  This morning I managed to take a picture of Junior – he just lay there and stared right at me.  Mama moved – she wasn’t as blase about my presence.

I’ve started two projects this week, and finished two projects. 

Started and Finished this week - "Easy Peasy" Norma's Cowl

One down!

The socks I am knitting are one half done and the Vogue pattern is one half done.  So I guess that I am somewhere in the middle!

Lots of great texture!

I now know why I ran out of wool for the Juneberry Shawl – I am still knit more loosely than the average knitter out there.  I used the recommended needle size for the project thinking that I had improved my overall knitting tension.  I should have known better.  Juneberry is a row by row pattern, no shortcuts or places to remove rows and/or stitches.  And it caught me! 

I’ve just blocked out my shawl (the extra ball arrived yesterday) and instead of being 48 inches across it is closer to 59 inches.  It will be a little smaller when relaxed, but not much. 

Texture and Air

I am very impressed with the shawl though, 450yds + 3yds has given me a shawl that is 57 inches wide by 28 inches deep!  The pattern is beautiful, full of texture and air!

Today I had my picture taken by a professional photographer.  The last time this happened I was graduating from High School!  Vogue Knitting has requested a head shot for the editorial and as I shy away from being in front of the camera – I really rather be taking the pictures – I had to get a “proper” picture of me taken.  I looked through the yellow pages and visited a few websites and picked out Aurora Photography.  I left very happy with my experience.

Golden in Flight

Today we went for a walk thru Neck Point.  The herring are running and the air was alive with eagles, both Bald – we saw about 6 of them and Golden.  I think that we saw a pair of golden eagles.  These birds were bigger than the bald eagles and just gorgeous!

There was a large herring boat out in the water and the gulls were solid in the air around the boat.  It was a very scenic morning!

Happy Knitting