As I was knitting along on the Juneberry Triangle on sunday I came to the awful realization that yardage could become an issue!  I started knitting faster – maybe it would be OK.  As I got closer to the end of the edging on Monday evening I started to think that  it would not be OK, but if I got some insurance….!

Only Six Rows Left!!

Tuesday morning I ordered another ball of yarn, luckily the store still had some in that colour and dyelot!  (The yarn had been a gift).  Tuesday evening, with only 6 rows of garter stitch and the cast-off left, I came to a screeching halt – I was out of yarn!  So, needing only approximately 2 -3 yds of yarn, I am impatiently waiting the arrival of the ball of yarn!  So close but so far away!

It’s alright – life happens and there are always other projects.  I pick up my Fuzzy cabled and beaded socks – I still have 1 1/2 hrs to knit after all!  I am knitting along and add 8 more rows to the sock, a full cable – then disaster – I drop a stitch and it runs right down the cable!  I now have to rip back my sock and fish up the dropped stitch – the yarn is spliting and my mood is fraying etc.!!!  There ends last nights knitting!

1/2 of the Cable Recovered!

This morning life is better.  The stitches have all been picked up and half of the cable has been reknit.  I’m not sure what the lesson was but I am sure that it will be repeated – we knitters seem to run into these issues – no matter how long we have been knitting!!

Happy Knitting