Winter Aconite - dressed in snow.

It is one of those days – the snow is coming down.  It looks so soft and gentle, but is truly a juggernaut.  It slowly covers and obliterates everything until there is only a featureless sea of white.  It is the kind of day I like stay home and knit through, but life demands otherwise and I do get to play at a yarnstore all day, not an unpleasant alternative!

I have been taking photo’s all morning trying to get a picture of the snow falling!  I have been extremely unsuccessful in capturing the beauty of the soft flakes as they lazily fall from the sky!  I do not know how to use the camera properly yet.  Something to add to my learning curve.  There is always so much more to learn or do.

Lace Cap

Last night I finished the Lace Cap to go with the Oversize Lace Scarf and turned the heel on the fuzzy cuff socks.  It has been a very productive couple of days.

Oversize Lace Scarf

I heard from Vogue last week.  They need the pattern for the Sheath and Wrap by March 15th.  They plan on putting the pattern into the Early Fall issue, released in June!  I am so energized by all of these happenings!  Ideas are flowing – there is just not enough time to record and create everything that is moving through my mind!

Happy Knitting


Fuzzy Cuffed Socks!