Corner Detail

As I sit writing this the Shetland Diamonds and Maderia Shawl is blocking out on the floor behind me.  At 53 inches square and 72 inches diagonal it is bigger than the Shetland Leaf and Point Christening Shawl.  The edging was knit in a different dye-lot from the main body of the shawl and the slightly deeper colour and variance in the dye really sets off the shawl.  It will be coming off the floor very shortly – before I finish this blog post!

Buttertubs Marsh

This morning we went for a walk through parts of Buttertubs Marsh.  What an incredible place, very different from our ocean side parks.  The texture and colours are very different.

Winter Texture


I’m looking forward to Spring and the return of the birds to their nesting area’s – lots of pictures there in the future!


I have been taking many pictures lately of the flowers that are just starting to bloom in the garden.  The Christmas Roses (Hellebores) are looking a little ratty this year – too much cold weather, but are bravely blooming. 

What are these?


Beside them are these gorgeous little lily like flowers – do you know the name of these flowers?  I’ve been calling them buttercups, but I know that is wrong!

I’ve just started a new pair of socks, two pair actually.  The first, started out as a new pair of socks for me.  Being me, I didn’t want to be bored so I decide to add a pattern, a simple lace and cable combo.  As I knit the first sock I started to get distracted with the possibilities presented by the pattern.  I now have two socks on the go, each a little different. 

Two of a Kind!

Of course I like the second better than the first, I’ve added beads and a cuff and I worked the cuff with a varigated mohair that sets off the solid grey regia silk sock yarn.  Playing is so much fun!

The Shawl is now off the floor.  I’v taken a few pictures and I love the ethereal effect of the light streaming through the shawl as it hangs in the window! 

Ethereal Lace

The picture that shows the details best is the least interesting, but the most informative.  The pattern is mostly written and should be available soon.  But I am now writing the pattern for Vogue.  They have given me a deadline, March 15 and the Issue – Early Fall – released early June!  It becomes more real every day!

Happy Knitting



P.S.  The yellow Flowers are Winter Aconite!

Thank-you Maureen!