Lace Detail

That it takes approximately 15 min to wind 1400m of laceweight yarn.  I have had much experience with winding laceweight in the last 2 weeks. 

Getting ready for a retreat requires many hats and winding yarn is only one of them.  The retreat handout is almost done – it will be about 16 pages of words, charts and pictures.  The charts are all large and coloured and with the words and pictures the handout hopefully will illustrate the Shetland Lace techniques that I will be trying to teach.  The computer has been very helpful and I say this with tongue firmly in cheek – I have spent almost as much time trying to undo what it wanted to do as I have creating my own charts!!  If my tongue had not been in cheek – the air would have been blue!!  Almost as blue as the sky last sunday!

The View From Pipers Lagoon, Sunday Jan 30th.

Gary Oaks and Arbutus at Pipers Lagoon

Last Sunday was gorgeous and I made it out for a wonderful walk!  It helped to clear my head and my temper and I went home to a much better behaved computer!  Or maybe my mood improved my computer abilities!

The Diamonds and Madeira Shetland Shawl is approx 12 rounds away from finishing the border, by tomorrow night I hope to start the edging!  It will be finished by the end of the week (or by the end of the retreat!!)!!  The Sweet Georgia Cashsilk is heavenly to knit. 

Lace "Bag"!

 The silk is smooth and the cashmere has given it great loft and softness and the cashmere is blooming as it is knit.  The Shawl is in the “bag” stage, all of the border stitches are gathered up onto the circular needle as I knit.  I can hardly wait until I start the edging and the shawl will open up and the lace will be visible.

I am waiting to hear from Vogue Knitting – as to when they want/need the pattern and which issue it will be in.  The beginning of a new adventure!
Happy Knitting
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