Beautiful tables and atmosphere!

I had never been to a “Gala” dinner before.  The e-mail from Vogue about the Magic of Mohair Gala said to wear dinner/cocktail attire.  I’m from the west coast – that means clean jeans, usually!  But this was New York City, one step away from Paris and the heart of Fashion Design.  So I went shopping, one dress, jacket, shoes, hose, makeup and several heart palpitations later – I was ready!

From left to right, I am surrounded by the garments of the student runner-up, my garments, me, and the Winning garment by Laura Zukaite.

It was everything I could have hoped for.  The Trianon Ballroom at the Hilton was elegant.  From the Chandaliers and lighting to the table decorations – it was a beautiful setting for the dinner and Competition Fashion Show.  It became the night of a lifetime for me as my name went up on the large screen to announce the 1st runner-up – Lynette Meek!  This meant that my garments would be part of a fashion photo shoot and my pattern for the Victorian Falls Wrap and Sheath would be published in the best knitting magazine in the world.  Very heady stuff for a knitter and knitting teacher with a penchant for playing with yarn!

My apologies, while I took photo’s of most the garments in the Fashion show, I did not get all the names and missed at least one garment.  The show was too fast, or I was too enthralled by it all to capture all of the information – if you can match some names to garments, please let me know!  Here is a link to a flickr slideshow of the garments and awards at the Gala.

My moment in the Sun!

I did not sleep that night and I am still on cloud 9. 

Reality is fast hitting as I am preparing for the Mad About Ewe Knitting Retreat.  It will run the 11, 12, and 13 of February in approx 2 weeks.  Lots to do – but all of it involves knitting.  What could be better in life?!

Happy Knitting