Well almost.  Emily and I fly out early tomorrow morning.  Nanaimo to Vancouver, Vancouver to Toronto and then Toronto to New York!  I have been short of sleep and high on anticipation and excitement which spells major distraction and therefore major ripping back!

Diamonds and Madeira Shetland Lace Shawl - center

The intermediate shawl center has now been pulled back 4 times for simple mistakes that couldn’t be fixed any other way!  But I am finally over the half way point of the center and hope for smooth sailing.  I’m bringing the shawl with me, but I’ve also packed some sock yarn and needles, just in case I really can’t handle the distraction!

I want to thank all of my friends who have been coming into the store to wish me good luck and congratulations and sending me all of the good vibes they can!  It means so much to me to have this support from you – Thank-you many times over!!  I’ll post  the results as soon as I can – at the hotel if possible.  I won’t be able to post pictures until I get home, but look for them sunday evening or monday morning!

Beaded Pi Shawl for Saturday go to Market!

Happy Knitting