Leaf and Point Shetland Christening Shawl

Two to go!  I’ve just finished the first of the 3 full size shawls that I wanted to do for the retreat!  I’ll get the second one done for sure, but the third – that may be a stretch.  The first is the “easy” lace.  It has the solid garter center and 2 easy lace patterns interrupted by eyelet rows.  The edging is a simple repeating point.  I’ve styled the shawl like an old fashioned christening blanket with ribbon threaded through the eyelets rows!  The ribbon is Hanah Silk, hand-dyed and gorgeously rich looking.

Hanah Silk Ribbon

It has been a good day and I feel like I have accomplished a lot this week – having an unexpected snow day on Wednesday certainly sped up the knitting of the shawl and I certainly can’t expect that to happen again – too bad!  Today I finished, blocked, and wove the ribbon through the eyelets on the shawl – it feels great to have it done.

I also baked a cake and some Butterscotch Brownies and have a chicken in the oven for supper.  I am now sitting down and enjoying a cup of Darjeeling tea as I write this entry!  Because of the deadline for the shawls  I haven’t really been knitting anything else, but I have been working on some idea’s – I’ll elaborate as they “firm” up in my head.

Flying Gulls this Morning at Maffeo Sutton Park

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and daydreaming this last week as well.  It is amazing how much thinking one can do when waking up very regularly at about 2:00 or 3:00 am.  I am so hyped about going to NYC this friday that sleep – regular sleep – has become a thing of the past!  Sleep is highly over-rated right now!  I have never been to NY and I guess I am not really going to see much on this trip – mostly the interior of the Hilton Hotel and the vendor’s marker!  The market is going to be a very dangerous place for me to spend a lot of time in!  I can hardly wait!  My suitcase is half packed and my knitting is planned, only the weather left to control, suggestions anyone?!

I would like clear skies and Rainbows – just like this morning!

Happy Knitting