Yesterday I was interviewed and had my pictures taken for the Bulletin – a local free paper.  It turns out than I am a coward.  I hate having my picture taken and I was not very co-0perative!  I felt very sorry for Rachel as she tried to take a good picture of me with my eyes open and a smile on my face.

Rachel wasn’t the problem, the camera was.  I found myself looking at the lens and watching the focus as it turned and shifted.  I could not get comfortable and only looked nervous.  I have always been the picture taker in the family and seldom been in the pictures.  This has been deliberate on my part – I have never liked the pictures that I have of myself – Do I really look like that?  A picture captures a moment, sometimes perfectly, sometimes not, mostly not as far as I was concerned!  I want to thank Rachel for her perseverence – the picture wasn’t that bad at all!

Faux Fair Isle Baby Vest

Yesterday I finished the baby vest for the Faux Fair-isle class and started the twined knitting baby cap.  Baby patterns are a great way to try out and/or learn new techniques with as they are small but still allow you to play with the technique that you want to learn.  Besides, a baby gift on hand is always useful.  Many friends seem to be having babies lately!

Happy Knitting