The Edwardian Collar

This is Boxing Week – a time to assess the year before and clear your mind to face the year ahead. 

I purchased a Zoom Lens for my camera this week.  It will be a great new toy, not so much for my pattern writing, more for taking pictures of the area of the world that I live in, the scenery, the wildlife and my life in general.  

This week we also went to visit some old friends and touched base with some mutual friends that we hadn’t seen for a while and caught up on all the gossip and news, both good and bad.

The year just passed was good.  I have no complaints.  We are healthy and happy.  My children are working towards their goals and are also healthy and happy.  It has been a banner year for my designing and knitting.  A small trunk show of my samples visited Eastern Canada – I won a local award for one of my beaded bags – and I tried something really new and submitted a design to the Vogue Magic of Mohair design competition.  I am still stunned by the results of this step out of my particular comfort zone.

"Zooming" in on the year behind!

This makes it for me another type of time – the lull between finding out that a visit to New York is in the future, and results of that visit.  At the same time I have a lot to do, just to keep up with my class commitments and the retreat – which is only 3 weeks after New York.  This is a good thing – I don’t do well when I have time to think and  worry and dwell on the possibilites that the future may hold.  I usually live for each day as it comes.

New Shoes for the New Year (and Gala!)

On monday I went shopping to find the right outfit for NY and the Gala Dinner that I will be attending!  I did it, with the help of my husband – he found both the jacket and shoes!  The support for this venture from family and friends has been absolutely fabulous.

I am knitting the samples for the retreat and they are going well.  But as they are full sized shawls, and will take some time!  The Edwardian collar turned out very well – some time in the next year I will reknit it and write up a pattern.

Thrummed Edwardian Collar

So the year ahead is already looking great -plans are coming together and events are already lining up!  What changes will the next year bring?  I am looking forward to finding out.

I hope that your year was a good one and that the year ahead looks promising.  Live each moment to the fullest and be good to yourself and others!

Happy Knitting