One that I practise every day in my working and teaching experiences.  But right now – all I can say is that I am glad that this is a very busy time of year – at home – at work – and at play!  Vogue has received my garments and the judges are contemplating and I am waiting and time is just zooming by.

Oversize Diamond Scarf

While waiting I am chanelling the excess energy by knitting and trying out some new idea’s.  I have finished the Oversize Diamond Scarf and I am working on a hat to accompany it.  I have a couple of small Christmas presents to finish and the class lists for spring to finalize.  And that is all under control.

Thrummed collar in progress

Right now I am trying out thrumming with some of SweetGeorgia’s bombyx silk sliver.  I am working it into a small button up collar with Cashmere Queen as the base yarn.  I am quite liking the effect.  The silk thrumms add wonderful colour and sheen to the base and the cashmere in the yarn is blooming nicely as well.  Silk sliver is much harder to work with being more fly-away and slippery, but it will also be warm and soft at the same time.  I love the way that silk takes colour.  It is so intense but the texture is soft and very touchable!  The base yarn Cashmere Queen is going to knit into something larger for me in the future.  I am really enjoying working with it and the halo that is developing just adds to the overall appeal.

Today I finished my shopping and we are almost finished the decorating.  It is starting to look a lot like Christmas around here!  Tomorrow I get on with the baking and then the wrapping – there certainly is no shortage of stuff to do right now.

Patiently waiting, fingers crossed, to hear something positive from Vogue!

Happy Knitting