I am at that point in the year where I am putting together ideas and samples for the next session of classes.  They won’t start until after the Retreat – so mid-February for the first class.  I’d like to get the schedule together by the end of December or very early January – so I need to get my samples done and all scheduling organized.  Got any ideas?!

Embossed Beret

I have one sample done, a slouchy beaded beret – techniques include knitting-in-the-round, lace knitting and beads placed with a crochet hook.  Other idea’s include  a Mad About Ewe teacozy – fair-isle sheep and some kind of 3 dimensional embellishments.  A chunky lace scarf/shawl – garter stitch for reversibility and maybe knit in two pieces with a center graft.  A baby blanket with cables and travelling stitches, knit in Berroco Chunky Comfort – just big enough for a stroller or carseat.  Something with broomstick lace perhaps!?

I always wonder about cruising our suppliers sites and picking out one of their free patterns and teaching with that.  I did it this fall and it was a big hit!  Crystal Palaces’ Modular Fan Shawl – taught lace, blocking and the modular style of knitting.  I’m thinking of looking for a fair-isle style of pattern – something baby – and teaching around that.

Thrummed mittens last fall!

Unfortunately no matter what I pick and how carefully I plan one or two of the classes will not fill, timing issues, the project sample does not appeal or there is simply no interest at all! 

No one interested in a Cabled Toque


When there is an interest in a particular technique I can and do run extra classes.  Who’d of thought that so many people at this time would be interested in Thrumming! 

What are you interested in?  What techniques need more coverage?  I’m open to ideas…..

Happy Knitting


Thrummed Slipper this fall!