The project for the Vogue Magic of Mohair competion is almost there!  The knitting is done, the painting and then setting of the dyes is finished – OH my aching back!  The pieces are now drying.  Tomorrow I start the finishing.

Corner after dye had set!

I think that I am too close to the project now.  I am not sure that it is what I wanted – the colours may be too strong or maybe the idea was flawed.  I still have to solve the problem of too little or too much dye – too little, some of the yarn doesn’t dye – that was yesterday.  Today, too much, as I finished I applied more colour and now some of the colours are too strong and the detail is not as clear!  Each time I learn more.

On the up side the the gloves are looking great!  I love the way the beads just frost the yarn and shimmer.  The pattern is working out great – now to decide if I want short finger or full fingers!  Now that the knitting is done for the competition I can finish off some samples for patterns and the spring classes!

Glove at Wrist, just about to start thumb shaping.

Happy Knitting