Just before 7:00am - Maffeo Sutton Park - Nov 7th

Just before 7:00am - Maffeo Sutton Park - Nov 7th

It’s 11:00am Sunday morning and life is well in hand.  We started the day with a beautiful walk around Maffeo Sutton Park, followed by tea and breakfast.  Laundry has been started, grocery shopping is done, and gutter cleaning has been accomplished – I held the ladder for my husband!  It is a gorgeous day, being the west coast that could change with little notice, but for right now life is looking pretty good! 

This time change is my favorite, there is more time for what needs to be done and you get extra sleep as well.  So here I am at 11:00am with a whole afternoon to knit.  My husband will watch football – sunday is football day, we try not to make any other plans – and I will knit.  It is an arrangement that has worked very well for us for over 14 years.  What will I knit is now the question.

Thrummed slippers - High-tops and Low-riders!

I have finished writing the thrummed slipper pattern, but I need to finish the other slipper for the front page:  I am also working on an entry for the Vogue Magic of Mohair Competition and that has a tight deadline:  as well, the retreat and the spring classes need to be put together – both have been started.  I think that I will go with the deadline that is imminent and work on the Vogue project, switching to the slipper a little later. 

I hope that your day comes together for you!

Happy Knitting