Yesterday's Thrummed Slippers in Progress

I love to teach knitting;  Getting someone else as excited as I am about what we can do with our needles and yarn;  Looking for that AHA moment when a knitter grasps the concept and knows how to use it!  Making and keeping new friends!  Teaching knitting has brought me many joys and made me many friends.  And right now I am in full swing, classes are happening and the spring session is in the planning stage, and the retreat is fully planned – though the work is only partly finished.  And every day new knitters come into my life and offer the opportunity to make new friends.

A knitting Picnic - shared food, conversation and knitting!

Knitting is a wonderful activity, even as we practise it we can chat and share with our neighbour, the knitter beside you, across from you and the teacher in front of you – all have something different to offer. 

Before I started teaching, knitting was pretty much a solitary affair for me – and from talking to others – it was pretty much the same for most of us!  This really has changed in the last 10 years.  As knitting became more popular, more and more people came back to or rediscovered or simply discovered the “Joy of Knitting”.   As knitting grew, so did the knitting websites, Ravelry, Knitting Help and even Facebook, have encouraged and supported knitters in their efforts to connect with others with the same interests.  The popularity of the craft has supported the classes I teach and increased the opportunities for new friendships to develop, both locally and on-line!

One of Lifes' little challenges, always easier to sort out when shared!

If you are a knitter -try sharing the skill – and maybe make some new friends.  If you are a solitary knitter, look for a local “Stitch and Bitch” or try joining an on-line community.  You’ll be amazed at how much we are all alike.  We all make kniting mistakes, we all have to rip out more often than we would like, and we all have life challenges that are always easier when shared.

Happy Knitting