Something to finish for myself!

I am the worlds’ greatest procrastinator.  I am also a knitting teacher, and design patterns for fun, I live, eat and breathe knitting, just ask my husband – but here I am in full panic mode.  Knitting is not quite giving me the edge it usually does, I need to get back in control.  I’ve finished a couple of small items – just to feel like I have some control.  But I am procrastinating – I have patterns to write, for some fall classes, projects to finish for the same.  Instead I’ve started working on the projects for the February Retreat and a couple of special projects for myself!  Left there – I am in great shape! 

But I just started to realize that I haven’t even started thinking about the spring classes – no big deal – Spring isn’t until next year!  Right!  But I need to have samples to view by the end of December, my priorities are a little askew!  It is so much easier to knit what you already know you need to knit!

Fall's "New" Technique - Brioche Ribbing

No problem – just think up a couple of interesting items or techniques that no one hasn’t seen before – or at least not for a little while.  I’m not feeling very creative, hence the procrastination!  I hoped that writting this out might spark something – wait – nope just a whiff of supper.  Spagetti and meatballs – mmmmn!

I’m off this week – lots of time to knit and think and be creative.  But the end of the week is approaching and I have had no great insights, no creative AHA! moments!  I’ll have to think on it!

Light streaming in through the Trees at Cathedral Grove

I did spend a wonderful morning in Cathedral Grove – I still find it one of the most incredible places to be!  Nothing I create can match what I see there.  But I have thought of a few possiblilities for class projects and/or techniques.

  • I’ve always wanted to try twinned knitting – two colour mittens or single colour texture?! 
  • Slouchy Beret, beginners lace perhaps?! 
  • Another beaded bag, maybe the one from the Fibre Arts Showcase?! 
  • What about a fair-isle project?!  A classic vest maybe, something for a classic kind of dresser – male or female?!  Worsted yarns, so the knitting isn’t too slow.
  • Maybe something practical, for the environment, a mesh bag, out of hemp?!
  • Chunky reversible cable baby blanket – Berroco Comfort Chunky?!

Ok, now I have a tentative list.  What can I knit in the next couple of months and fit in around the other things that I want to do?!

Ahhh! Relaxation, control, now things can move forward!  No list of pending projects, or avalance of projects on the go, can withstand some quiet moments to reflect and breathe.  It is after all only knitting!

Happy Knitting