"Nana's" Pumpkin Pie

Mine doesn’t – well to be more precise – the convection element has just toasted itself!  I can cook my turkey, using traditional oven baking, but I am going to have to refigure my timing!

I shouldn’t complain – the stove has worked perfectly, without even a hiccough for 8 and 1/2 years.  But why does it want to act up just before you have 12 + for dinner and a 21# bird to cook!  This has seriously caused me a headache and interferred with my ability to concentrate on my knitting!  What a way to start my week off of work! 

I am very glad that the regular bake does work – it should – I don’t think that I have used it since I got the stove, but you know how life likes to muck things up!  When I went to Sears I heard a few horror stories of stove breakdowns just before important meals!  The convection element should be fixable, sometime next week, but that is better than a new stove! 

Getting ready for tomorrow.

Nana is downstairs baking pies and I have the bread out, drying up for my stuffing and this afternoon I’ll start prepping veggies, etc for the work tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve got lots of knitting to do and patterns to write – I just finished a cap and scarf that I am going to write the pattern for over the next week.

Dotted Rib Cap and Scarf!

I knit the set with Malabrigo Worsted – what a fabulous yarn!

Happy Knitting