Experienced Sampler - Lace Knit - Done Right

I am not a photographer!  I just love to take pictures and a digital camera allows me to indulge myself in taking as many pictures as I want, without major cost and then picking and choosing the best ones!  Or at least the ones that I like the best! 

I am not alone in this, judging by flickr and other such sites, we all becoming photographers and sharing our visions of the world with others.  This is a wonderful thing as we live in an incredible world.  I used to collect the National Geograhic Magazine to see and experience other world visions, now I can share my pictures with others. 

Mostly I take pictures of family, friends (and my knitting) and the beauty of my little local world.  It is what is important to me.  I think that these are things that are important to most of us (except for the knitting!).  Our own peice of the world.

Once I started the blogging for work and now for myself.  Pictures have become even more important – they help to explain and illustrate what I am trying to convey with my writting.

Late Summer Rose with the Fall Harvest ready to be picked!

Have a great day!

Happy Knitting!