Easy Sampler

Knitting for a purpose is sometimes fraught with trials and tribulations.  The purpose can get lost in the joy of creation and something unintended can happen.  This is what is happening with my samplers for the Mad About Ewe Retreat in Feb 2011.

The topic will be Shetland Lace.  As we get many levels of knitting ability at the retreat I am creating three samplers, each with a different level of experience in mind.  The first two samplers behaved themselves.  They knit up fast and easy and will work for the purpose intended!  The third sampler is being contrary.  It turned out too big!  I have a small shawl instead of the sampler.  And I now need to knit another sampler – I hope that this one behaves itself!

Intermediate Sampler

I am not unhappy with the shawl – it actually looks very good – I just feel that sometimes I have no controll and that the yarn really is in charge.  Haven’t you every tried to knit something up in a yarn that you think will be perfect – usually there a few warning signs of problems – losing needles, yarn that runs away – only to find at the end of it all that it really wasn’t.  Out it comes and the next time it will practically knit itself , because the yarn and pattern combine to work together in perfect harmony, without any real direction from you.  Learn to listen to your yarn – it sometimes knows what it is doing!

Mistakes can become inintended successes and finishing something with a purpose in mind can take you on unexpected journeys – learn to enjoy the road and keep to the curves as they appear!

Happy Knitting


Shetland Bead Shawl - Small