The link below will take you to a picture taken by a friend at the Fashion Show last night at the Fibre Arts Showcase  .  It is a photo of the Torchon Lace Caplet.  It was hand knit with beads and then handpainted with dyes.

<img src=”” width=”306″ height=”500″ alt=”P1040221″ /></a>

Friday and Saturday saw the first ever FibreArts Showcase in Nanaimo.  There were vendors, demonstrations a gala dinner and a fashion show.  Some of my creations made the fashion show but I did not, prior, long held commitments kept me away during the saturday Gala Dinner and Fashion show!  One of my creations, a small beaded bag took first in the Accessories Catagory and the others were displayed or worn in the fashion show.

My Beaded Bag! And Ribbon!

I am shamelessly proud of this.  (Shameless I say!)

Happy Knitting