My Favorite Cozy - Victorian Garden Cozy!

I knit my first tea-cozy quite a few years ago.  Nineteen or twenty – I think!! I started to knit them seriously when I was involved in opening a Tea Room inside a Deli – McLean’s Specialty Foods.  I think that I knit about 2 dozen of them in various sizes for the tea pots we had and then knit more as gifts.  They were so popular that I would knit them to sell.  I wouldn’t create the pattern no matter what – they were my toys!  I was somewhat possessive of them!

The style of cozy that I knit is called a “Gentleman’s Cozy” and it is designed to remain on the the tea-pot while pouring tea.  Don’t ask me why it is called that, I have never quite figured that one out!

In 2009 I taught at my first retreat – well, first with me as the headline – It was actually my 9th retreat as a teacher!  I decided to debue the pattern for my tea-cozies!  From that retreat grew the following cozies!

A Bevy of Beauties!

The patterns for the cozies are available on Ravelry or through Infiknit!

Peggy's Cozy for the Kiwi Cove Lodge!

While at the Retreat – we knit up a cozy for Peggy!  I knit the body and retreaters worked on the embellishments!  We presented it to her on the last day of the retreat!

Peggy and her cozy

Later that year I submitted a cozy for a competition in Australia.  I friend that I met through Ravelry sent me the information.  It was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer and it was all about Tea-cozies!  Waltzing Matildas took first in the Australiana Category! I haven’t knit a cozy in a while, but my son is now requesting one of his own – I guess that I will have to polish up a new cozy idea!

Waltzing Matilda's

Happy Knitting


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  1. Verry nice blog here! I really enjoyed reading it so much that I bookmarked this on digg! I wish you continued success!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I’m a compulsive knitter — not as talented — and write about all sorts of things.
    Love you to check it out.
    Do you have a pattern for the tea cozies? They are adorable.

  3. Lovely work!
    I’ll look for you on Ravelry.

  4. Your tea-cozies are beautiful! I love all the colour and embellishments. And I think tea-cozies are very practical too. I am going to check out your Ravelry page.

  5. Thank-you for all the lovely comments! I have knit a couple of other cozies since I wrote this page. My son finally got his cozy and I knit a new one for myself!


  6. How Do I Get On Lynette Meek’s Friend List On FB?!?! She Has at Least “1” New Fan!!!! Spectacular Talent Lynette!!! Bravo! Reallll Artistry :))) These Absolutely Rank Among the Most Beautiful Cozys..I’ve Ever Seen :))) While In England Scotland Wales & France Several Years Ago,I’d Seen Manyyy a Cozy..& Stopped In EVERY KNIT SHOP That Crossed My Path!!! Nothing Ranked Even “Close” to These Treasures!! Your Book or Patterns Are a MuST For ME!!! HuGGs In Knitting 🙂 Tara

    • Wow Tara!

      Thank-you so much for all of those Kudo’s! I have no book, but I do have patterns on Patternfish and Ravelry!
      The tea-cozies are close to my heart and your appreciation is much enjoyed!

      Happy Knitting

  7. How beautiful they all are!

    Jennifer Banfield Sickinger
  8. Who would have thought of those beautiful cozies. They are terrific, I’ve never seen anything like them. I’ll need to make one. I like the Victorian one.thanks for sharing.

    Esther Beckwith
  9. I am simply amazed of how you turned these mundane objects into art!

  10. These are magnificent. I love the way you match the cosy style to the teapot. My favourite is the deco one – SO stylish.

    Jenny Whitehead
  11. Wow! These are beautiful. Your blog is very visually appealing, too.

  12. Love them all. I have made many copies too and like to create works of art for friends and family.

  13. Amazing – you are my tea cosy making hero!

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