This sock plays with circular motifs.  The lace pattern its creates a wonderful circular motif.  A complex look for a fairly simple sock. Most of the work for the larger lace motif is done on one round. The heel stitch, a type of honeycomb stitch continues the circular theme.  The beads can be omitted.

Materials:  400 – 500 size 8 glass beads, the number of beads changes with the amount of motifs used, 100grs, 4-ply sock yarn (sample used Regia Silk 4-ply) and 2.25mm dp’s.

Sizes:  Small and Medium

Gauge:  32 sts to 4in in stockinet with 2.25mm dpn’s.

Notes:  The sample sock has 8 diamond bead motifs along the picot hem.  This could easily be doubled, just repeat the motif every 4 stitches instead of every 8.  The sample sock also did not take the motif in the medallions right down to the last repeat before the heel, there could be 2 more filled medallions in the front.  Do not take the beads any further down the back of the sock as they can be uncomfortable in a shoe.

Beading:  We will only be using one type of bead application.  That is the knit in bead, this means that each bead is knit into a stitch by knitting through the back of the loop of the stitch with the bead.   To further lock the bead into place, the stitch above the beaded st is also knit through the back of the stitch.