IMG_3469_medium2Requires 300 size 6/0 beads

Notes on Beads – Size 6/0 beads were chosen for this project because of the DK weight yarns in the Cast-on and finishing edges.  If you wish use size 6/0 for the cast-on and edges only and size 8/0 for the remainder of the project.

The beads are optional and not necessary to create a beautiful collar – but how fun a bit of bling can be.

Created from the Mini Luxury Skeins from the Buffalo Wool Co., this little gem of a lace collar is the perfect way of using up small amounts of left over yarns. Sometimes a little can go a long way!

The yarns vary in weight from DK to lace, but it isn’t important as careful use and placement of each type of yarn makes this collar work.IMG_5717_medium2

This project would work with any type of left-over yarns from your stash – Approx 13 to 23 metres of each yarn is used for less than 100 metres in total!

Watch your gauge if you are working with the mini skeins. This is a row by row pattern if you are a loose knitter you will not have enough yarn to complete the project.

If you are working with limited yardages – ie the Mini Luxury Skiens – check your yardages and gauge carefully.

Two options are offered for finishing the front edges – one a beaded crochet edging and the other a eyelet edging – both are set up for lacing.

If you have more yardage try out the wider edgings – the yardages necessary for each edge is listed in red ink at the top of the chart.

There are 3 lace edgings from a very narrow edge to a wider, more heavily beaded edge – each edging chart has an alert to inform the knitter of just how much yardage is necessary to complete the edging on the pattern as written.

IMG_5709_medium2Materials: Buffalo Wool Co Mini Luxury Skeins, 13yds Heaven DK, 13yds StrangeTwist DK, 13yds Buffalo Skies, 23yds, Heaven Lace Weight and 23yds Sexy Lace Weight or Approx 85 yds, varying in weight from lace to DK; approx 220 size 6/0 beads; 3.75mm (US # 5) 24in circ and; 0.6mm crochet hook for bead placement; 3.0mm (US D) crochet hook for crochet edge and chain; markers; and the regular notions.

Gauge: – Before blocking – at neck edge 22 st in 4 inches; in lace section, 24sts in 4 inches

                   After blocking at neck edge18 sts in 4 inches; in lace section, 20 sts in 4 inches

Size: One Size.

Dimensions – Before blocking – upper, cast-on edge, 16ins long, 4.5ins deep, and outer, lace edging 29ins long

After blocking – upper, cast-on edge, 17.5ins long, 5ins deep and outer, lace edging 40ins long