3937566808_e80a8a1558_zA little something to embellish your beaded shawls! Each “bell” requires approx 300 size 8/0 beads and scraps of yarn.

If you use a yarn heavier than a 4-ply you will need larger beads.

“Bell’s” can be used to embellish corners on shawls and bag bottom’s. Why not try them to finish off I-cord ties or the points on envelope bags.

Why not Christmas Ornaments as well! An idea from another knitter!3936788703_6b4e983705_z

Materials: Approximately 20m lace weight, or 4-ply sock weight of yarn per tassel and 300 to 350 size 8 beads. And 2.75mm dp needles.

Design Options:  Make your tassels larger with more rows of beads, and or start with longer loops of bead.  The tassel tops could be made larger with more rows between each bead row.  Try a heavier yarn and needle with larger beads for a really large tassel.