4014657427_42b059e783_zTraditional Norwegian pulse warmers with modern twist. Plan on 800 size 8/0 glass beads. Beads are pre-strung and placed between purl stitches – a very easy beading technique.

Knit short these are pulse warmers, knit a little longer with a thumb hole they become fingerless mittens.

Two versions of the pulse warmers are in this pattern, one very simple and one a little more complicated. Both use the same bead placement technique with quite different results.

Size – one size, but easily adaptable4014666219_44af9e5594_z

Gauge: Very tight, 36 st in 4 inches in garter st.

Materials:  170m 4-ply yarn.  Samples used Drops Alpaca.  2mm, US #0 needles, straight for the simple mitten or dp’s for the lace version, 600 to 800 beads per pair of pulse warmers or mittens.

Note:  Pre-string enough beads for each item before starting to knit.  As you are knitting slide the beads along your yarn until you need to pull a bead up to the knitting.