IMG_8831_medium2Ornate tassels, like these have often been used to embellish curtain tie-backs, keys and any other items in need of embellishment. These small tassels are great to accent a cabinet and look wonderful on a Christmas Tree.  The sample was done in traditional Christmas colours but it would also look fabulous in some silk, hand-dyed in rich colours.  It does not require much yarn, less than 40m of each colour.

Materials:  2.5mm dpn’s; 2 colours of 4-ply or finer weight yarn – sample was made with Sandnes Mandarin Petit cotton; 90 size 8/0 beads for each tassel with extra for beaded I-cord.

Size:  Sample is 1 ¼ inch wide and 8 inches long, including the I-cord.

Gauge:  9st (1 pattern repeat) is 1 1/8th inch.  Precise gauge is not important for this kind of project.

A beaded tassel suitable for a Christmas Ornament or to hang from a key or lamp-pull!IMG_8824_medium2