4558433312_9e728db633_z– with Simple Lace Insertions and the Choice of Five Different Edge Finishes

The basic top down shawl can be one of the easiest shawls to knit. This version starts at the back of the neck and uses only garter stitch combined with YO’s, and sometimes with the addition of K2tog’s.  These triangles are made by knitting what looks like two triangles side by side – this is accomplished with the YO’s.  As you become more experienced with the shaping, and want to break up the garter stitch, you may want to try one of the few simple lace stitches that are included.  While you can simply cast-off when your shawl is the desired size, there are five different finishing options for this pattern: lace ruffle, crochet picot cast-off, I-cord finishing, knitted on fringe and a simple lace edging.

4525555693_d2ee69aa34_zThis is an excellent pattern for using up odd balls of yarn. The samples shown are all smaller shawlettes.  So dive into your stash and search for different combinations to start creating the basic triangle for you or for gift giving. We all have lots of odd balls or just want to buy a single ball of that one great yarn, but what do we do with these treasures?  If you wish to make larger shawls you just need more yardage.

Samples: Pink Sample, 2 balls Silk Garden Lite (249m, 272yds), 1 ball Iside (160m, 175yds) – straight garter stitch finished with fringe cast-off.4520155621_933549462a_z

Blue Sample, 2 skeins Kersti (208m, 228yds, 1 ball Retro (100m, 108yds) – garter stitch with eyelet ribbons finished with attached I-cord edging..

Natural Sample, 1 skien Pollyanna by Fantastic knitting (500m, 550yds), (only used 315m for sample) – garter stitch and eyelet columns finshed with narrow ruffled edging.

Grey sample, 2 balls Rimu (256m, 280yds), 2 balls La Gran (165m, 180yds) – garter stitch with shoulder shaping, eyelet ribbons and eyelet flowers finished with attached lace edging .

4543469518_90af84f12c_zMaterials: 100 gr of one yarn plus 50 to 100 gr of a second yarn for an edging of the same weight, nothing lighter than a 4-ply or nothing heavier than a worsted weight. Needles sizes, 4-ply – 4mm, sport weight – 4.5mm, DK – 5mm, worsted weight – 5.5mm;  needles should be 32in circs and dpn’s.  3 markers are needed, more if you are planning to add a lace pattern.  If you want a larger shawl than the samples, plan on extra yardage.

This is a formula style of pattern which makes it endlessly useful and adaptable. The bulk of the triangle is knit in garter stitch with simple lace stitch options to change up the look.4543462184_016cf9e506_z

  • gauge is not important, changes with the yarn and needle size chosen for each project.
  • 3 lace options for the body of the shawl
  • 5 finishes for the bottom edge
  • can easily be made larger with more yarn and repeats
  • optional faroese style shoulder shaping once you are more confident of the pattern.