Rain Dappled Cherry Blossom from the Grove around Departure Bay

It is Spring here and the blossoms are blooming!

Though they are struggling to handle the rain that has been falling pretty continuously since about 7 days ago!

Golden Knitting – center motif for a shawl – still deciding how to frame the motif! Knit with Kid Silk Haze and Handmaiden Sea Silk! Lots of beads as well!

They say that the rain promises to hang around for at least five more days.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind the rain, there is something comforting about the sound of rainfall, and beauty in the greenery dappled with raindrops  – and there have been random glimpses of blue skies and sunshine – but we want more!  The flowers want more and my muddy, construction zone yard wants sun too – only then can it be finished!

The flooded basement is still awaiting carpets and nothing can be moved back until the carpets are in the trim is replaced – current date for carpets is April 19th!  Patience is not really my strong suit!  LOL!  I am finding lots of yarn I had forgotten and coming up with new ideas for the yarn I am finding!

The upside to everything being upside down!

A highlight from last weekends walk at Pipers Lagoon – a gorgeous hummingbird just sat and posed for me!

Celestial Mountain Dreams for the Buffalo Wool Co and a Summer KAL! Knit with Earth Lace Weight and Sexy and beads!

I have been knitting a lot right now – and starting a lot of new projects right now – I have Spring Startitus!  And my current projects all seem to be packed in boxes waiting for the basement to be finished with the finishing!

During the week Departure Bay saw an influx of California Sea Lions! There were a lot of them just lolly gagging around the Bay!

What is on your needles?  Do you suffer from wanting to start multiple projects in the Spring?  I suffer it every year!  It is like my brain is exploding with ideas!  My hands can’t keep up!

I have recently finished a couple of Top-Down Chunky Toddle/Child Sweaters.

I am also working on several hat patterns.

As well as a Chunky Shrug for the painting class this Summer and the list just goes on!

Today we walked in the rain at Colliery Dam Park.  The old fruit trees are blossoming and the leaves on the lupine look like they have been sprinkled with sugar – the drops are so tiny and numerous!

No wonder I love beads on my knitting everyone dapples the knitting just like the rain on the plants!

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Knitting


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