Belle Starr

This time of year always seems busy!

Spring is coming and I always start a few new projects as ideas and yarns keep pouring into my life.  The Retreat always happens and that keeps me busy right up until it happens!  Then I keep myself busy!  Now that I have so much more family around; a grandson that just keeps on getting cuter; my father is about to move into the basement and both my brothers have moved to the Island as well; there is never enough time.

I had this last week off of work.

It was wonderful – I got caught up on some things that had been piling up!  Patterns  mostly!

Meandering Meadows!

I have released 3 new patterns onto Ravelry in the last week!  Belle Starr for the Buffalo Wool Co; Knitting an Estonian Garden, the Retreat project this year; and from last year, a forgotten pattern that I had written and had test knit and then submitted to a couple of magazines.  I put the sample away and got caught up in the busyness of life!

Well I found the sample this week, dusted off the pattern and just submitted it to Ravelry!  The found pattern is called Meandering Meadows, I hope that you like it – if you do, please use the coupon code Almost for a 33 % discount on the price of the pattern.  The code is good until midnight March 11th.

I found a couple of other samples as well!  More dusting is needed on those!

This one needs a name!
Got any ideas?!

Tomorrow I go back to work!  I have been told that lots of new yarns have arrive and new colours in old yarns I can hardly wait!

Happy Knitting