This afternoon I am off to Kiwi Cove Lodge for Mad About Ewe’s Annual Retreat.  This is our 18th Retreat and I will be teaching Rooistud or Inlay, an embellishment technique common to Estonian Knitting.

Inlay is the dominant technique that I will be teaching, but there are other techniques as well, other small embellishments that compliment the project.  The other Estonian techniques that are included in the retreat handout come with names like peas, peppercorns, roses and most involve colour – lots of colour and lots of play!  My favourite types of knitting.

Click here for a downloadable photo tutorial on inlay.

Our projects are fingerless mittens.  From a simple ribbed cuff to wildly adorned options – the idea is to pick and choose – personalize and play!

I have been trying to improve my media skills – with varying success.  Check out my facebook page for a video of the Travelling or Horizontal braid that I use in one of the mittens.

I hope that you have a great weekend!

Happy Knitting