Well it is Winter on the West Coast – which means that it is raining!  Right now it is the soft gentle rain, constant and sort of soothing.  Which is how I like life to be, soft, easy and no major ups and downs!

Nanaimo River in the Fog this morning.

Last Sunday the rain came down in torrents and that was after a few days of heavy rain!

(please note here – difference between heavy rains and torrential rains – heavy rains, water runs in ditches and torrential rains, WATER RUNS IN BASEMENTS)

We woke up Monday morning to 3/4 inches of ground water in my basement;  we have been living with huge fans running ever since!  Out came the brooms and dust pans, every swept water up onto a dust pan?  Interesting activity!  Followed by the much more efficient wet/dry shop vac!

On the up side, my basement will get new flooring and the outside of the house will acquire new drainage ditches!

Not sure of the time line as to when all this will happen as quite a few houses were flooded that had never been flooded before and the restoration guys are running around trying to rent equipment to handle more jobs at once than they had ever seen!

To go with the weather I have a few things coming down my creative pipes, ideas overflowing with possibilities and flooding onto my computer screen and on to my needles!

To begin with, a little while ago I started a Facebook Group – LeTissier Design – Pump up your Knitting.  Something where I could create a bit of a community, focused around knitting and friends.  Run a few KAL’s (Knit Alongs), creating small things that will focus on skill building.

All you need – yarn – appox 200 yds heavy lace or fingering weight – sample is Koigu Lace, 2.0mm US 0’s straights, circs or I use 2 dnps’s, approx. 800 to 900 size 8/0 beads and a dental floss threader (usually found by the tooth brushes at your local drug store)!

I am planning my first KAL – Beaded Fingerless Mittens

  • Knitting Skills required – only the ability to knit Garter St!
  • skills learned – threading beads and then working with pre-strung beads

The pattern is an older one of mine – Beaded Pulse Warmers or Fingerless Mittens – I have used it many times to teach this style of knitting with beads.  We can all knit garter stitch – that leaves the mind free to focus on learning how to handle the beads!

If you wish to participate in the KAL, use the code “First”  to purchase the pattern for $2.50 US.



Koigu Lace, Miyuki 8/0 bead and some Zings – how could I resist purchasing the needles – they matched my colours beautifully!


And then Stash Dive to find the perfect yarn and beads!  You can use a heavier Laceweight – I am starting a new pair in Koigu Lace, or any fingering weight yarn, one of my favourite yarns for these mittens is Drops Alpaca.  You will need about 800 to 900  8/0 beads for the project – maybe less depending on the chart you choose!  The pattern offers a few options!

The KAL will start Feb 9th and run until approx. March 9th.  The code for the pattern is good until the end of the Olympics Feb 25th.  I am hoping to get my pulse warmers knit by the end of the Olympics – I know how life does like to interfere!  So I gave us all a little extra time!

Isn’t this pretty?

Not into beads and garter stitch, how about some beautiful lace?  A friend of mine is also starting a KAL February 9th.  Selena Miskin of Wayfaring Yarns has a new pattern with kits available.  Check out the KAL for her Frostflowers Shawl.

Coming down the Pipes – the Retreat – Fingerless Mittens embellished with Inlay or Rooistud – the weekend of February 16, 17 and 18.  And one week later – two new patterns for the Buffalo Wool Co!

Happy Knitting