Dotted Through the rocks and roots.

Curly Lilies are here and it is a good year for Curly Lilies!  It is a great year for Curly Lilies!  Nay, it is a Stellar year for Curly Lilies!

So many blooms!

Curly Lilies, more properly known as Fawn Lilies are blooming all over the point at Piper’s Lagoon.  I have never seen such a display at Piper’s!

It takes Curly Lilies seven years to produce a bloom and this year it looks like almost every plant has produced blooms.

They grow best on the windward side of Piper’s Lagoon Point, accessed by clambering over the great rocks that separate it from the flat Lagoon side. – leaves and roots nestling between rocks and tree roots they push up their leaves and blooms in a very short period of time, always Early Spring – usually around Easter!  Once they have finished blooming they die off quickly to rest until next year.

Grey on Grey with highlights of golden-yellow!

Every year I look for them, but my timing is not always good – this year – this year – I will remember for a long time!

The Curly Lilies weren’t alone at Piper’s Lagoon.  The skies and ocean were a concert of greys and grey blues, matching the colouring of the Great Grey Heron’s in fishing on the Lagoon Side.

There were volunteer Grape Hyacinth, spreading through the beach grasses and stunted Cherry Blossom Bushes – they cannot really be called trees as their growth has been shaped and hindered by the constant winds that pummel the beach.  The Cherry Blossoms were blooming in spite of their unprotected circumstances.

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Lollypop Vest

I love working with Koigu KPPPM.  The colours are so much fun and the knitting is never boring as you watch the colours move and play off of each other.

This week one of my recent designs for Koigu was release as part of Koigu’s 25th anniversary Yarn Packs.  They are being carried by Webs – an online Yarn Store.

The Lollypop Vest is knit with the Greystone Colourway – 12 colours that shade and move along side each other for a rich palette!

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