Scrappy Vest for Logan, with the "furbelow" details!

Scrappy Vest for Logan, with the “furbelow” details!

Natures Furbelow - a pine needle tassel decorated with beads of rain.

Natures Furbelow – a pine needle tassel decorated with beads of rain.

Did you know that a “furbelow” was

  • 1) a fringe or piece of trim
  • 2) an ornamental addition to a garment.

Who knew!

I love furbelows!  I seldom knit anything without an addition of some kind!

Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, that is what little boys are made of!  Well my little grandson is going to be made of knits as well.  Logan will be here for a visit next week.  I can hardly wait – you see I have been knitting a couple of things for him!

T'woot Cute - hat for Logan.

T’woot Cute – hat for Logan.

This week I finished off two little items for him – T’woot Cute Hat – a Cowichan style knit; and a little scrap vest – 23 colours – each approx. 8 yds and 13 vintage shell buttons.  I want to see how they fit! – and how he looks in them!

Spirit Toques.

Spirit Toques – furbelows for these as well!

It is has been a busy knitting season for me.  I have finished off the pattern for the Spirit Toques – it is now up on Ravelry.  I have also knit up a headband – Plaid Spirit Headband – it is now a free pattern on Ravelry – it will be free until November 12th.

I am currently working on the pattern for T’woot Cute, it will be sized for Baby, Toddler and Child.  An adult version has been requested – we will see!

Plaid Spirit Headband

Plaid Spirit Headband

Third Sweater Back is finished and charted - Wolf Song.

Third Sweater Back is finished and charted – Wolf Song.

Right now the class for the Cowichan Style Sweater is running at Mad About Ewe.  After that there will be three adult sweater patterns; Wolf Song, A Whale of a Tale, and Spirit Bear.  The backs of all three sweaters have all been charted and knit – time to start on the fronts!

Rhiannon’s Cloak was seen in the wild last weekend and has been included in two blogs this week… Clara Parkes Knitters Review and Stephanie Pearl Mcphee’s blog.

Beautiful Bag made by Fiona!

Beautiful Bag made by Fiona!

Fiona, Pip’n’Milly Creations, has just finished a new bag for me.  It was a special creation, a unique size just to fit the piece of needle work out of my stash of “stuff”!

The embroidery had been in the trunk for about 35 years  – it was about time that it saw the light of day!

It has been a grey week here.  The Sun is coming up later and later each morning and the clouds have been low all week.  The rain has been falling steadily for most of the night as well!

The grey skies are wonderful for photography though!  Colours pop against all the dreary backgrounds and the everything sparkles with the rain.

Black and White

Black and White

I did a little playing with the filters on my editing program.  Black and White or Orange Filter – similar results – though the black and white is crisper – it could be the photograph though, not the filter.

Orange Filter

Orange Filter

I don’t know where we will be walking this weekend – the water is just pouring from the skies.

Happy Knitting