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IMG_2684 (683x1024)The Mystery Class was a great hit on Thursday.  The weather co-operated and was sunny but not burning hot!

We all had a great time – everyone got the techniques and left happy with their individual progress.  I love the Summer Classes in the Courtyard – such a pleasant place to teach and learn in.

What was the Mystery?  The project was unknown to the students until the class started – the students just knew what yarn, beads and needles to bring – and you know – no one was disappointed!  At least I think that no one was disappointed!  LOL!

Merry Mantle - knit with Sweet Georgia Glitterati!
Merry Mantle – knit with Sweet Georgia Glitterati!
Gracefully draping folds accented with a bright pop of lace edging.
Gracefully draping folds accented with a bright pop of lace edging.

Meet Merry Mantle – a short-rowed capelet/poncho with lace and bead accents!  Our versions were knit with the Graduated yarn kits put together by Sweet Georgia – the Party of Five kits in Glitterati Sock or Cashlux fine or Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat mini skien packs.  This versatile pattern could be knit with any combination of 4-ply sock or fingering yarns.

A mantle is a small shoulder covering – just enough to cover the shoulders and the arms to the elbow.

The Merry Mantle is knit from side to side in garter stitch and the shaping is constructed with short-rows. The colours are striped through the short-row pattern.

The view straight on
The view straight on

The bottom section has an open lace beaded pattern and the edge is finished with a contrasting beaded lace edging. The beads are always optional. The mantle is closed with a heavy cord lacing that is simply pushed through the weave of the knitting.

Until June 15th – this pattern will be available on Ravelry at 25% off of the purchase price of $5.00 – just type in the code Merry Making!  And the pattern will be yours for only $3.75!

I hope that you like it!

Happy Knitting


The students colour options
The students colour options
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