The Buffalo Wool Co's Miss Betsy - a travelling store.

The Buffalo Wool Co’s Miss Betsy – a travelling store.  You can see the Rose of Texas Shawl by the door.

Shaker Boxes - all sizes all hand made.  I wanted to bring them all home!

Shaker Boxes – all sizes all hand made. I wanted to bring them all home!

Glass needle tips - works of art, in Pyrex and dichromatic glass.

Glass needle tips – works of art, in Pyrex and dichromatic glass.

This was my first Stitches event.  It was a blast!

I met the Miskins, Ron and Theresa of the Buffalo Wool Co.  It is amazing that we could work together for 2 years and never meet until now – the wonders of the internet.

I saw Rhiannon’s Cloak, on stage and under lights, exactly what it was designed for!  And it was incredible.

Friday night was the Fashion Show and it was why I was there.  Rhiannon’s Cloak was making it’s debut under the lights and I just had to see it and thanks to the Buffalo Wool Co – I did.  All the work and worry was worth it!IMG_0830

I walked the floor at Stitches and saw so many wonderful things; yarns, tools and fibre.  Something for everybody and every interest.

Lost City Knits Booth

Lost City Knits Booth

There are so many talented yarn people out there.  Small indie dyers and large companies were represented.  From Plucky Knitter and Verdant Gryphon, Lost City Knits , Dragonfly Fibers, and Adirondack Yarns, and Prism – the selection was amazing – special colourways dyed just for the show, one-offs and sweater quantities – there enough yarn for every need or interest.

Ron Miskin of the BWC.

Ron Miskin of the BWC.

I don’t need any yarn – seriously I don’t – I work in a yarn store and I design for the Buffalo Wool Co.  I have enough yarn.  Really…. I do.  But that didn’t stop me from purchasing some yarn – but you will have to wait to see it!  It is being sent with the other items I purchased.  I didn’t have room in the suitcase.

What yarn tempted me?  Well it is a 100% silk laceweight, undyed, with a glitter thread through it.  I saw it at the Swan Hollow Studio Booth.  I bought 2 hanks for a shawl for painting.  I also found a hand made glass button from Sheila and Michael Ernst.

Swans Hollow Booth

Swans Hollow Booth

Colours in the shawl will come from that button!  I just can’t stop thinking about it and I can hardly wait for it to arrive here.

It was the tools that got me.  Hand made glass needles, beautiful hand made shaker boxes – I could have just spent every penny there – but how to get them home?  Sock blockers and yarn bowls, swifts and knitting bags were all there.  I was in awe and on a budget!

More boxes!

More boxes!

My other big purchase came at the Saw Dust Co. (sorry, couldn’t find a link to his website that worked) Booth.  Three little perfect Shaker Boxes – perfect for my stitch markers or perhaps other small tools.  I could have purchased everything in his booth.  I went back several times over the 3 days I was there.  Form, function and beauty – I was hooked.

I have more to share about this trip – but it will take a little time to put it all together.

Happy Viewing