It was raining this day at Englishman River – this was about 2 weeks ago – but it wasn’t dreary – just damp!

It is definitely a Chicken Soup kind of day.  Dreary, wet and gray.  Sophie is still sleeping – she doesn’t much like rain!

On the stove is some homemade Chicken Vegetable and Barley soup for lunch – it is burbling cheerfully and beside it a pot of Spaghetti Sauce with Meatballs for supper.  A busy morning to prepare for the day ahead.  It is that kind of day.

Longevity Scarf – great chunky pattern – easy to adjust!

It has been a productive week.  Two patterns written and posted on Ravelry – I will add them to Patternfish tomorrow.  Longevity Scarf and Sailor Rib Toddler Sweater are both finished.  And the Purple sweater is only a few hours away from being worn – next week I hope.

Sailor Rib Toddler Sweater – ages 2 to 7 – a fun top-down knit.

For the Purple sweater, I have a woven cord belt that is a good shade of grey – it will have to do until I find a leather belt – it has to be the right colour!  It might be a rich brown – though if I could find a really deep purple I would be so thrilled!

I bought three books yesterday.  One for the pure pleasure of reading about my favorite past-time – Knitting – Fashion, Industry, Craft; by Sandy Black: Two for the patterns – The Sock Report; edited by Janel Laidman:  And three to support a good cause – it doesn’t hurt that there are some great patterns in there as well! – Knit Red, Stitching for Women’s Heart Health!

Fabulous Book – if you love history and just reading about knitting and Fashion!

I spent a couple of hours last night not knitting, instead I immersed myself in Sandy Blacks’ Book Knitting Fashion, Industry and Craft.  I love this book.

Happy Knitting