Serene View from the Rock Bluffs.

A side path, carpeted with leaves.

I have lived in Nanaimo for almost 20 years and have just discovered a wonderful new (OLD) walk!

Glimpses of the lake as we walk around the park.

Westwood Lake Park has been here fore-ever – since 1957 I think.  We swim there every summer, but we have never walked its paths.  We have been missing a great walk!  I guess that because we think of it for swimming we had never considered it for walking.  That is going to change.

It was gorgeous yesterday morning. We were wondering where we could go for a walk that we hadn’t been to in a while.  My husband had a brain storm.  And what a storm it was!  Fabulous!

We only walked part-way around yesterday, but we will try the full walk soon! I took quite a few pictures – I hope that you will enjoy them.

Happy Viewing


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