The heavy rain of the night before left every plant dewed with drops!

It has been a very wet start to Summer.  And it does not look like is getting any better….. I love it when the weather proves me wrong.  I wrote the beginning of the blog yesterday evening – got interrupted – and the morning is glorious!

It may not last long but we will take it when we can.  After breakfast we will take Sophie out for a good walk around Neck Point and then I hope to paint the lace shell for next month’s lace class!

Luckily we won’t melt and Sophie loves water so we will keep on walking, bad weather or good weather.  A dog will keep you moving, even when you look out the window and groan!

A red-winged Blackbird!

Yesterday we walked at Divers Lake – a good long walk – and then again in the evening, just a short walk around parts of Beban Park.

I shouldn’t complain, we did end up with a wonderful afternoon, not too hot but it felt good when the sun did emerge from the clouds and shine on everything.

Honeysuckle in the backyard!!

I spent the afternoon sitting outside with my camera sitting beside me, poised and ready to take a picture of the hummingbird who had been hovering around the honeysuckle bush before we came outside!  The hummingbird, did return, once, just after I had gotten up to get a Strongbow.  Bad Timing!  Good Cider!


Lavender, pinks, green, a hint of yellow and maybe some grey!

I finished the shell yesterday afternoon.  When I paint it, later today, I think that I will use Tourmalines as inspiration for the colours, pinks, greens, aquas.  The lace stripes could show this kind of colour movement very well.  And the flowers would work with the same colours.  I can hardly wait to try it out!

The other colour I was contemplating is Lavender – no surprise – purple being one of my favorites.  But I really like the combo in the picture of the bee on Lavender that I took earlier this week.  But black/grey needs to be used with care.  I am not sure that I want to be hesitant when painting this shell.  The stripes will need an even hand, not one that is worried about too much colour taking over!

Is this some type of Hydrangia? It is all over Divers Lake and is very pretty!

I have just about finished the center two sections of the Edging the pink KAL.  Then on to the side edgings.  Narrow points with beaded edges, now that I can see the effect that I want I can hardly wait to start!

Happy Knitting


Divers Lake – after the rain.

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I am also working on something for the Holiday Edition of Vogue Kntiting.  Life is just so busy right now.