Another one out for a quiet walk!

Ria asked how I can take pictures and walk at the same time….. I stumble a lot.  I am so busy looking at what is around me that I don’t always pay attention to where I am going and more importantly where my feet are going!  LOL!

This is true in my life as well.  I sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees and will miss the big ideas, while catching the little ones.

I don’t think it is easy for us to track it all.  Our focus shifts through time, sometimes we see the trees and sometimes we see the forest!

Small details get reflected back at us when we look down and refocus.

The path not chosen.

When we stumble it gives us the opportunity to stand up and refocus on the important details that can get lost in the shuffle of life!  It also allows us to see things from a different perspective…..I stumble a lot.

Happy Knitting