Hemer park from the Parking area. Looking down into the Marshes with the Wild Irises, and rushes.

“Today we went walking in Hemer Park.  Yesterday we were walking at Divers Lake.”

Perfect Wild Iris – just so beautiful!

That was as far as I got with my blogging on Sunday, here it is Wednesday and I am finally getting back to my blog.

Both parks feature marshy waters and bulrushes and many types of birds.  So does Buttertubs marsh, but they don’t allow pets, even on leashes!  As we now walk Sophie, we won’t be going there too often.  Which is unfortunate as it is a gorgeous park as well!

An invitation to a shaded walk at Hemer.

I really, really wanted to get some bird pictures, maybe even some baby bird pictures (my husband told me it was too early, but I didn’t want to believe him!).  My husband was right!

What am I!?

I could hear birds all around me on both walks.  I would see them flit by out of the corner of  my eye, but could I get pictures of baby birds? Or even birds?!    Well, I got one picture of ducks at Divers Lake and a pretty brown songbird there, but only one blurry picture at Hemer!

But what I saw around both Divers Lake and Hemer Park were wild Irises.  Beautiful, golden Irises.  There weren’t many at Divers Lake, but at HemerPark, all around the Marshes and Holder Lake were banks of these gorgeous flowers!  It was wonderful!

Wild Irises in the center of Holden Lake in Hemer Park.

In both parks the Water Lilies were starting to bloom as well.  The wild Roses are blooming everywhere.  Under the trees at Hemer they were tiny and soft.  At the water’s edge and on the trail wide open trails they were huge and fragrant.  At Divers Lake the aire was thick with the scent of the wild roses.  Wild Honeysuckle is also blooming.  The flashes of hot orange are draped through the bushes and trees along the pathways of both parks.  The walks were wonderful.

The Peonies look almost unreal in the sunlight!

The Peonies and Honeysuckle are blooming in the yard as well.  I will need to plant more peonies they seem to like this yard.  They are doing very well.  The honeysuckle is gorgeous this year, but I haven’t seen any hummingbirds yet.  It also hasn’t been really warm enough to sit out and be quiet enough for them to show!

This shawl is begging to be finished and painted!

I have started to organize my thoughts and my knitting.  I have unearthed some languishing projects and ideas for submission to Vogue.  I hope that this next weekend I can get everything together and get back on track.  I also need to finish a couple of undyed projects for painting!  Life is always so busy.

This weekend the Edging the Pink starts as well.  Should be fun.

Happy Knitting


Lots more pictures!  Most of them are of Hemer Park, with a few from Divers Lake.

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