Waiting to be photographed – I liked the way they looked!

Rowan posted their short-list for the Olympic Design Competition  on Facebook this morning.  My designs were not included.

It was not unexpected.  I had the feeling that my interpretation of what Canada means to me was a little to interpretational and not enough representational!  I was right.  But I can only knit what I feel!  And then see in my mind!

My friend Bunjie modelling for me.

I am very happy with my designs.  In a month or so I will have them written up and published.  I will also knit the slouchy hat to go with the mittens.  I ran out of time and the hat never got knit!

Fiona has started the lace version of Roses, Roses.  This way she can test-knit the pattern and make sure that there are no mistakes – or at least fewer mistakes in the charts and directions!

Happy Knitting